Meeting Materials updated

FYI, here is the list of the City-run mental health clinics closed in 2012 and their respective aldermen.

The focus of the proposed task force (R2018 -1398) should be, in part, on where there is a need for additional mental health care– which may or may not coincide with the locations where clinics were closed in 2012. The clinics serve areas more extensive than a single ward. For example, the Woodlawn Mental Health Center was located in Ward 20, but it also served Ward 5. Greater Grand/Mid South Mental Health Center serves Wards 3 & 4, and 11.  The Back of the Yards center was located in Ward 11, but also served parts of Ward 12, Ward, 14, and Ward 15 (Back of the Yards, Archer Heights, Brighton Park, McKinley Park, Bridgeport). Ward boundaries may be unrelated service accessibility, too.

4313 S Ashland – Back of the Yards 
Ward: 11 
Patrick Daley Thompson
3659 S Halsted
Chicago, IL 60609 773-254-6677
1987 W 111th St – Beverly Morgan-Park
Ward: 19
Matthew J. O’Shea
10400 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643
1607 W Howard St – Northtown/Rogers Park
Ward: 49
Joseph A. Moore
7356 N Greenview Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
1140 W 79th St – Auburn- Gresham 
Ward: 17
David H. Moore
1344 W 79th St
Chicago, IL 60620
6337 S Woodlawn – Woodlawn
Ward: 20
Willie B. Cochran
6357 S Cottage Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
2354 N Milwaukee Ave – Northwest 
Ward: 1
Proco Joe  Moreno
2740 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
200 E 115th Roseland 
(City-run services closed at the end of 2016, but the center is now leased to Cook County Health and operated by HRDI)
Ward: 9
Anthony  Beale
34 E 112th Place
Chicago, IL 60628

Community Mental Health Board Mission Statement

We, the Community Mental Health Board of Chicago, exist to preserve, protect, and improve the City’s public mental health services, as well as the right of all Chicago residents to receive appropriate and accessible services, whether public or private; to hold the City of Chicago Department of Public Health accountable for listening to and fulfilling its responsibilities to the people it serves through its mental health programs; and to assess the City’s effectiveness in its duties therein. (Approved 7/17/2017)

June 19, 2017, CMHBC meeting

Community Mental Health Board of Chicago Meeting

Monday, June 19, 2017, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Lawndale Mental Health Center

1201 S. Campbell St, Chicago, IL 60608

(312) 746-5905

Proposed Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Approval of the agenda

3. Approval of May 22, 2017 meeting minutes

4. 2018 City Mental Health Budget Recommendations

5. Recommendations for CDPH mental health centers for outreach to persons served and potentially served

6. Requests for mental health center signage and Lawndale beautification

7. Lawndale center report

8. CDPH Administration Monthly Updates:  Medicaid managed care enrollment – Aetna Better Health, CountyCare; CDPH – Family and Support Services Centers integration; Community Outreach; Roseland Mental Health Center follow up report from the deputy administrator; monthly reports of staffing and service utilization and referrals, psychiatrist visits per FTE, demographic breakdown by gender and age of persons served @ each center; TASC referral stats; DFSS use and referral stats; Service billing (by center, by type) and fees (sliding scale); CARF Summary and Quality Improvement Plan

9. Mission Statement – Draft

10. Announcements

11. Next meeting date July 17, 2017 at North River Mental Health Center

Parking lot issues: racism within the movement, access to care, mental health care quality/experience and service equity across city centers, mission, bylaws, local boards, budget, peer coordinator, Living Room, medical care, crisis intervention, County mental health care, justice involvement, children and adolescents, mental health taxing districts, employment, housing, FSS integration

CMHBC Meeting Schedule 2017

The mental health board usually meets on the third Monday of the month. Current meeting dates for the remainder of calendar year 2017 are shown below as well as the proposed meeting location. Meetings are generally held from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
June 19     Lawndale Mental Health Center 1201 S Campbell St
July 17      CDPH DePaul Center 333 S State St 2nd Floor Board Room
August 21  CCHHS-C4-Roseland Mental Health Center 200 E 115th St
September 18   Greater Lawn Mental Health Center 4150 W 55th Street
October 16    Englewood Mental Health Center 641 W 63rd St, Lower Level
November 20   Greater Grand Mental Health Center 4314 S Cottage Grove
December 18    DePaul Center 333 S State Street