2016 CDPH CARF Survey Report

Here is the Chicago Department of Public Health’s 2016 CARF Survey Report. Below is a link to the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Behavioral Health Standards, too. To evaluate the Summary, it helps to review the relevant parts of the Standards. For instance, CARF requires organizations to obtain and respond to input from persons served. According to CARF CDPH met the standard. You can review the standard (Section 1.D. Input from persons served and other stakeholders) in the 2013 Behavioral Health Standards Manual on page 49. CDPH should have documentation that it has implemented policies and procedures consistent with the Standards.

CDPH clinics are accredited for four services or mental health programs for adults:

Assessment and Referral [p. 149]

Case Management/Services Coordination [p. 150]

Outpatient Treatment [p. 205]

Community Integration [p. 157]

Englewood, North River, and Greater Lawn are accredited for the 4 programs.

Greater Grand, Roseland, and Lawndale are accredited for all of the above except Community Integration.

CDPH 2016 CARF Summary


Composite of 2016 CARF Summary and CDPH 2016 CARF Quality Improvement Plan (“QIP”) prepared for the mental health advisory board meeting


2013 Behavioral Health Standards Manual



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