Mental Health Center Performance Measures

During the October and December Board meetings we spent some time discussing what we would like to receive in a monthly mental health center performance report from the health department. Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) administrators asked the Board to give consideration to the monthly reports already prepared by CDPH as part of its internal performance and quality monitoring activities.

Under the FOIA, CDPH provided an Excel spreadsheet of its mental health service “public health intervention” measures.  Here is a copy of the CDPH report that includes 12 of the 13 measures. [PDF here]

Here is a document that displays the list of 2012 CDPH performance measures and the current ones. It also includes a copy of the Board’s draft (“List of CMHC performance measures from October 2014”) and list of items included in the old mental health center directors’ reports.

Mental health center reports from the past:

The following reports are shared so that new participants and administrators can appreciate the type of information CDPH used to share with the Board.

September 2007 Directors Report Summary

November 2007 Directors Report Summary

The first section of these documents summarizes the surveys of persons served (waiting times, medication effects, satisfaction with services, and health and safety) and the second part (financial activities, consumer accomplishments, program plan, personnel activities, annual goals and objectives) includes excerpts from the narrative sections of the mental health center reports; the text was copied from the original.

There are two spreadsheets with the data compiled from September and November of 2007 directors’ reports and consumer surveys. [Disclaimer: The data and quality of data belong to CDPH]

The Board did not receive monthly reports after early 2008.  CDPH submitted two in 2009, one in May and the other in June.

CDPH used to survey persons served about their experiences with city operated health services.  A sample from 2007-2008 is available here. The last known CDPH survey of persons served was the MHSIP or Mental Health Statistical Improvement Project ‐ Adult Consumer Survey which was prepared in 2010 or 2011.

Other performance measures:

Illinois includes quarterly performance measures its contracts or Community Services Agreements with community mental health service provider agencies. [See ]

There are Illinois Medicaid managed care measures [pages 3‐4] and quality measures.

National Outcomes Measures (NOMS) included in state Uniform Reporting System tables and mental health block grant reports cover these general categories:

Access to Services/Capacity: Client Characteristics, Stability in Housing, Adult Employment, Criminal Justice Involvement, School Attendance in Children, Readmission to State Hospitals

National Quality Forum behavioral health measures


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