City calls then cancels hearings. Protest Monday

Dear Mental Health Movement supporters,

Please join us at City Hall (121 N. LaSalle) on the 2nd Floor this Monday July 21st at 10am for an urgent press conference.

Yesterday the city clerk published notice that the Health Committee, after two years of us demanding a chance to be heard about the mental health clinic closures, was finally going to have hearings on the matter. By that afternoon, Alderman Cardenas’s office, under pressure from the Chicago Department of Public Health, cancelled the hearings!

We all know why: they are afraid of the truth coming out about how devastating these clinic closures were and how urgent it is to reinvest in public mental health.

So we are heading to city hall to speak that truth anyway! Bus will leave from the STOP office at 602 E 61st st at 9am Monday or meet at 10am on the 2nd floor of city hall.


Any questions please call STOP: 773 217 9598


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