Hearing on Chicago Mental Health Clinics

Please attend a City Council Hearing on Chicago Mental Health Clinics
Monday, July 21 at 10:30 AM
City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle

After almost two years of pressing for a hearing on the City public mental health clinics, the Mental Health Movement just got word that Alderman George Cardenas, chair of the Chicago City Council Committee on Health and Environmental Protection has finally scheduled a hearing for next Monday.

Chicago residents are paying a terrible price for the city’s failure to provide adequate mental health services.

The city blamed budget problems for the decision to close six of its twelve mental health clinics in 2012 but now it is turning away paying mental health clinic clients. Against all commonsense and sound public health policy, clients at city mental health clinics who get access to health benefits are being discouraged from continuing to receive city services and new people seeking services are being turned away.

This hearing will provide mental health consumers, concerned residents and experts an opportunity to testify regarding the need for mental health services, the role of the city’s mental health clinics and steps the City and the Mental Health Movement can take to address this issue.

For more information:

MentalHealthMovement@gmail.comhttp://www.stopchicago.org – (773) 340-9598


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