Mental Health Movement Presents Mayor Daley with Demands

On Tuesday, June 15, 2010, the Mental Health Movement presented Mayor Daley’s staff with the following list of demands:

1. Save our clinics
Put up the funds to keep our clinics open and fully staffed even in the case where there are state cuts. It would take $18 million or 0.3 percent of the city budget to fully fund and staff city mental health centers

2. Hire more psychiatrists
Right now there are 3.5 full time equivalent psychiatrists for the 6,000 patients that come to the mental health clinics of the city of Chicago. That’s just not enough psychiatrists.

3. Nothing about us without us
Disband the current mental health task force and replace it with one that is composed of those most affected by mental health services.

4. No privatization of city operated mental health services