Mental Health Movement Notes

The next meeting of the Mental Health Movement  is Tuesday April 20th at 5:30pm at STOP/Backstory Cafe – 6100 S. Blackstone.

Below is the list of follow-up questions to send to Commissioner Choucair that we talked about last night (4/6/10):

Questions about psychiatrist hiring:
-What is the status of hiring the psychiatrists? This should be a top priority receiving special attention.

-The most pressing issue is addressing staffing issues to get the psychiatrists in place, when will you be going to the Mayor to say I need this done asap?

Questions about budget:

-What is your worst-case scenario plan for if the state budget cuts go through?

-What conversations have you had with the Mayor about identifying additional funding sources within the City budget?

-What funding opportunities are currently being pursued? What grants have been written for mental health services?

-Has the state committed to continue funding through the rest of the state’s fiscal year at the grant level?

Questions about billing:

-Are you going back to the Cerner system in June? What assurances are there that there won’t be the same billing problems you had last time? What’s your backup?

-You said 90% of the billing you are submitting is being approved, but how many dollars have been billed since July 1st, 2009?

-We have heard from staff that sometimes they have turned in billing for services that they then don’t see reflected. What is being done about this?

-Is there any effort to recuperate the money that was lost due to the Cerner system debacle?

Questions about accountability:

-When can we expect to start getting (as we once did) consistent monthly reports of the amount of services delivered at each clinic, the amount of money that was billed, the needs not met, deflected services, staffing levels by job classifications and the number of individuals served?

-When will we hear back about what we proposed in the meeting – adding two consumers from each of the mental health clinics to the task-force and a representative from Next Steps to the mental health task-force to ensure that all bodies – sub-committees as well as main task-force – are at least 51% composed of consumers?

-When will we get a specific response to our proposal?

Meeting Notes


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