D.C. Public Mental Health Services To Be Privatized

As Trusted Mental Health Clinics Prepare to Close, Some Clients Cry Out -Washington Post
A group of the city’s mental health clients cried out to D.C. Council members from the steps of City Hall yesterday, asking them to reconsider a plan to close six public clinics, lay off dozens of health care workers they trust, and send clients to get treatment at private clinics from doctors they distrust.

D.C. to Close 6 Mental Health Clinics – myfoxdc
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The District is shutting down its mental health clinics to cut costs, sending the mentally ill to private clinics instead.

Some patients worry the move will hurt the city’s most vulnerable residents. By shutting down the city’s six mental health clinics and privatizing services, the city expects to save up to $14 million.

D.C. to Close City-run Mental Health Centers -News8
Advocates like Robin Hodges object to the plan. She is both a patient and city employee hired to advocate for other patients, who are called consumers:

“City council, the mayor — all of them, they see it more as a money, not a health issue,” she said.


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