Media Coverage of Yesterday’s Sit-In and Demonstration at City Hall

Links to media coverage of  sit-in and demonstration at City Hall on April 6, 2009

Chi-Town Daily News
Mental health demonstrators press Daley administration
After a City Hall demonstration, Mayor Daley’s chief of staff agreed to meet with opponents of the plan to close four mental health clinics.

Progress Illinois

Letting Daley Off The Hook Today, community activists protesting the scheduled closure of four Chicago mental health clinics held a sit-in at Mayor Daley’s office before being ushered into a meeting with his chief of staff.  The Tribune’s Hal Dardick concludes his report on the incident with this explanation of the closures.

Chicago Talks
Mental health supporters hold sit-in at City Hall
Community activists held a protest and sit-in at City Hall Monday in an 11th hour attempt to stop the closure of four Southside mental health clinics.

Chicago Tribune
Sit-in over clinics closing sparks meetings

Chicago Tribune
Chicago mental health centers closing: After sit-in at Mayor Richard Daley’s office, supporters meet with top aide

Chicago Sun-Times
Plan to close 4 mental health centers in limbo

WLS ABC7Chicago
Patients protest over clinics closing

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio
Mental Health Centers Set to Close


One thought on “Media Coverage of Yesterday’s Sit-In and Demonstration at City Hall

  1. Advisory/Behavioral Health Support Teams

    Thank you all for your combined efforts to shore up mental health…as indicated in early 2008 from correspondents from then candidate US Senator Obama indicating a true concern regarding mental health not only in our schools but our communities as well. I am proud to say that the now President of the United States of America has kept true to his word in allowing stimulous funds to assist our city regarding the current crisis we face here in Chicago he has also extended this concern to a national concern from top to bottom. I say this to inform our readers that stimulous does’nt began at the local level it began with President Obama and his Administration. My friends this is not the time for celebrations it is time for more strategic preparation, there is much to be done. And to the advisory members I would only recommend that you send a letter of congradulations to President Obama ,Mrs. Obama and the children and please don’t forget to thank the President for the Stimulous….National Advisor/ Local Advisor Ricardo Bradford .

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