Federal Stimulus Funds For City Mental Health Clinics?

Progress Illinois journalist Andrea Caputo asks whether federal stimulus funding could provide a temporary solution for keeping four city mental health centers open while the health department fixes the billing problems.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Department of Public Health continues to move forward with plans to close four city mental health centers in two weeks. Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman of the 4th Ward, reports that the Abraham Lincoln Centre will be moving into the King Center on April 13, 2009, to provide community mental health services after the City’s own Greater Grand/Mid-South Mental Health Center closes and leaves the King Center on or about April 7th. There are questions about the capacity of the Lincoln Centre to serve the number of adults served by the Greater Grand clinic.

It was reported at a meeting of the Cook County/Woodlawn Adult Health Center Advisory Board that the city health department has already begun to set up an HIV/AIDS clinic in the space currently occupied by Woodlawn Mental Health Center.


One thought on “Federal Stimulus Funds For City Mental Health Clinics?

  1. Please let me commend you for all your efforts. Keeping the word out on the streets, to the people who need it most is the most effective way communicate.

    The City, Mayor Daley in particular, is putting profit before people. Sure the city could use a face lift – on the South side. It was sorely need. I think they refer to it as blighted. Several questions come to mind instantly. Why was it blighted? The city is responsible for the upkeep of all of its communities. It was blighted as a reaction to the 60’s riots. Our communities have served as a food, and vendor desert since that time. At present we have a concentrated trade area that is not being sufficiently tapped. This information is being used to gentrify our communities. In this process they are using the 2016 at the catalyst to justify the need to displace us and our support units from the community.

    The mental health clinics are being closed or merged with other clinics so there will be no eye sores. We don’t believe their excuses about the north side. We just know that the budget is not affecting them. It is targeted specifically on the south side of city — for the Olympics. There is a war being waged on several fronts. They are also closing the University of Chicago neighborhood clinics – as far as I know – on the south side. Support staff is being laid off, professional staff will be sent to the DCAM outpatient clinic. However, the University of Chicago staff is being downsized as well — budget constraints. Yet, they’ve parcel of land bordering Washington Park. Money for Olympic opportunities, but not for staff – profits over people. The U of C is a major player in privatizing the schools on the south side as well. There’s closings, phase out, turnarounds and consolidations. The original promise from the city and their touring committee through the Wards was there would be no displacement.

    Well there is displacement. Our mental health clinics are being displaced, our schools are being displaced, our housing is being displaced, our local vendors are being displaced.

    When Dr. Mason came before the community, and at hearings, he stated he did not contact the Aldermen in the area about the budget problems his office has created due to improper billing on the new computer system. He’s a manager, he’s charged with having a smooth transition of computer systems. Does the phrase, “learning curve”, or “prior planning prevents poor performance” ever cross his mind?

    We are dealing with a fragile population. Crossing neighborhood boundaries can end up costing someone his life. We know the people in our neighborhoods. We look out for them. We all live with some of form of post traumatic stress, however we make allowance for our fragile members, in our neighborhood where they are known.

    I think it absolutely appalling what Dr. Mason is attempting to get away with.

    Health is a human right. Leave our clinics, parks, housing, schools and us alone

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