Town Hall Media Coverage

The Community Mental Health Board of Chicago and Southside Together Organizing For Power (S.T.O.P.) hosted a town hall meeting on March 12, 2009.   28th Ward Alderman Ed Smith, chairman of the Committee on Health, and 20th Ward Alderman Willie Cochran were in attendance, along with Chicago health commissioner Terry Mason, M.D.

Here is a link to the Chi-Town Daily News coverage of the town hall event.


One thought on “Town Hall Media Coverage

  1. The articles states: “By consolidating the centers, which will absorb the current staff and patients, the city cannot expect to provide the same level of service.”

    Although the present clinic consolidation plan absorbs consumers from 4 clinics into three mental health centers it does not consolidate all of the staff from the 4 clinics. The staffing matrix indicates 15 of 33 staff (from the 4 clinics scheduled for closure) are slated to go to other mental health centers. So, consumers of consolidated centers will continue to be short changed.

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